Specialized in the sale of flamenco castanets. Buy in our Flamenco Castanets store: amateur or online concert

In Don Flamenco you can buy different types of castanets for flamenco dance, in our online store you can find different levels, both for professionals and for those who are starting in this musical instrument.

We are dedicated to the sale of this instrument that is increasingly related to flamenco, as well as being used in other musical accompaniments. The castanets are made in different materials and colors, so visit our models and choose the one that best suits your musical needs.

Each castanet model has different sizes so that they adapt correctly to the palm of each person’s hand, so you can play the instrument more easily.

All our models are from the “castañuelas del sur” brand, a company that manufactures all its products by hand, with great quality thanks to its experience in the manufacture of flamenco models. These models have a gift cover so you can take them anywhere easily and comfortably

We take care that you receive them at home so you don’t have to travel and so you can start practicing with them as soon as possible.