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Welcome to the flamenco shoes specialized shop

Don Flamenco is a shop with long tradition in downtown Madrid. We are specialized in flamenco shoes and other related products.

We also have an online shop, so that everybody has access to our products from every part of the world.

All of our flamenco shoes and dresses are handmade at our atelier, where our team of expert designers work to offer customers the highest quality.

We have a wide range of products related to flamenco, but we are specialized in flamenco shoes, both for man and woman.

Products in our flamenco shop

These are some of the products you will find in both Don Flamenco in Madrid and the online shop.

  • Flamenco shoes for him
  • Flamenco shoes for her
  • Musical instruments: castanets, “cajón flamenco”…
  • Flamenco dresses and flamenco skirts.